Welcome to St. Augustine's Priory!

The House of Prayer is a place of spiritual renewal, where those who come can find God in an atmosphere of love, prayer, healing and peace. We offer space for a break from the busy-ness of life, a time to rest and ‘let go’ of the burdens of everyday life.

We welcome groups and individuals from England, Scotland, and Ireland as well as other parts of Wales. We hope that anyone who comes to the 'House of Prayer' will feel at home and enjoy being with us in this delightful place. We offer space where you can be more present to God and to yourself, where you can pray, rest or walk - whatever helps you to unwind and to ‘BE’ with God and more present to yourself.

Some Information About Us

St. Augustine’s Priory was once a hotel and at a later stage in its history was home to a Community of Augustinian Nuns. In 1939 The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (The Chigwell Sisters) took over the Priory. Over the years it has served as a Holiday home for the Sisters, a Guest House and a Residential Nursing Home.

In 2010 the process began to change the use of the Priory into a 'House of Prayer'. We are situated in Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, within easy reach and walking distance of the promenade and beach. We have a large garden for the use of guests. There are of course, many beauty spots and places of interest just a car or a bus ride away, or for the walkers, within a good walking distance.

The Church of the Sacred Heart, adjoining the Priory, was built by the Chigwell Sisters after the Second World War, in thanksgiving for their protection during the war. Within the Church is a side chapel which used to be the 'Sisters Chapel'. This is now a 'Sacred Space' giving an additional space for quiet reflection and prayer.

For further information regarding the ‘Chigwell Sisters’ please use the Link or visit www.sacredheartsjm.org

Recent Testimonials

'Absolutely wonderful - appreciated you, the peace, rest, food and encouragement so much' - Lady from Nottingham.
'Wonderful place and even more wonderful welcome' - Gentleman from Sheffield.
'A wonderful welcome and a fantastic, peaceful weekend. Very well looked after' - Lady from Sussex.
'Such a warm welcome environment to rest a while in, thank you' - Lady from Sussex.
'Wonderful place of welcome, peace, rest and presence' - Lady from Yorkshire.
'Warm and wonderful hospitality. Simple in its best sense and beautiful. Thank you!' - Lady from Sheffield.


Should you have any further enquires please contact the office, 01492 514223, during the following times:
Monday to Friday: 9am-4.30pm.

Alternatively send an email to: enquiries@houseofprayer.org.uk

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What's On at St.Augustine's Priory

Tumble Trust 2016

July 13th - 23rd 2016
Contemplative Retreat - School of Meditation in the way of Franz Jalics SJ. Places available, due to cancellations.

For an Application Form contact the Director ASAP

Please note the the North Unit Meeting September 20th - 22nd is now cancelled !

Spaces still available for:

The Lenten Retreat with Bishop John Crowley 7th - 12th March!

'Living the Vows as Spirit-Filled Evangelisers'
led by Sr. Kate Stogden RC; 1st - 3rd April

Mid week retreat
'Trusting God's Mercy & Forgiveness'
led by Sr. Margaret Taylor FMM; 9th - 14th May

Preached retreat
'For the Feast of the Sacred Heart'
led by Fr. Michael Beattie SJ; 31st May - 4th June

Preached retreat
'Healing in the Spirit - Living by the Word of God'
led by Fr. Jim McManus CSSR; 27th June - 5th July

St Augustine of Hippo

"You were within, and I without, & there I sought You, You were with me when I was not with You.
You called & cried out, & burst my deafness.
You gleamed & glowed, dispelling my blindness.
You touched me, & I burned for Your peace."

"For you have made us for Yourself, & our hearts are restless until they rest in You."

"Too late have I loved You, Beauty ever old, yet ever new.
You have burst my bonds asunder; I will offer up to You an offering of praise."